Builders and real estate negotiators should understand that the ancient science could be incorporated into their site and house designs without compromising on their profits. In India, several new housing schemes in Chennai have included Vastu principles in their projects and have attracted a strong response from house buyers. During the Vedic period (2500BCE-200CE), the Indo-Aryans used Vastu in town planning to shape settlements into various categories, depending upon the characteristics of the population. Vastu was applied not only to residential buildings and temples but also military barracks, market places, ports, administration buildings and palaces. Many of these places have stood the test of time. Vastu goes beyond architecture: great masters have recorded that its principles encompass the geological, geophysical and above all, cosmological and celestial aspects.

The demands of Vastu for housing developments are logical and the science encourages developers to be more conscious of the environment when putting up structures.

Incidents of housing schemes that are abandoned half way through construction, landslides & mishaps occurring at the construction stage & completed houses that prove difficult to sell could be attributed to POOR VASTU Practices & Builders being insensitive to the environment. The need for Vastu Consultants and Their Optimum involvement in the project become imperative as the decision makers cannot be master of all the jobs. A sound advice and proper guidance is required for the project in right direction.

It is, therefore, becomes of prime importance to evolve a system where the contribution of the Vastu Expert is optimized and the scarce Resources are utilized to their fullest potential.

I Have received a fabulous response from Builders and Numerous Queries from Reputed Building Contractors mainly asking me As to How Vastu Can be used effectively for their Construction Activities, As More often their Projects are already Designed and they merely have to carry out the construction as per the schedule without any changes.

Date of Construction

Date of the Start of Construction is very Important for Any Construction activity to Begin. Auspicious Dates Bring out Better Results.

Starting Point of Construction

As per the Principles of Vastushastra, The Starting point of Construction is Very crucial. Construction is Generally Beneficial when Started from The South-West Portion via South-East and then Moved in a Clockwise Manner. This will ensure smooth construction activities.

For Construction Companies in the business of construction of Roads and Bridges, they Should Always Follow the Principle of Starting from a Negative location or Energy point and Moving towards a positive Location or Energy point. This automatically pushes the Project faster with uninterrupted flow of finance.” Secondly Proper Leveling of the Roads and Bridges as per Vastu will definitely bring prosperity to Construction companies who work on the arrangement of B.O.T (Build, Operate, Transfer).